D&D Shambling Mound by Ral Partha #11-493

Shambling mound is a classic D&D monster, in the Monster Manual 1st ed is described as:
a heap of rotting vegetation, the shambler is actually an intelligent form of vegetable life. It is generally from 6’ to 9’ in height, with a girth of about 6’ at its base and 2’ at its summit. “
This is an old school miniature, it belongs to the Ral Partha range of models licensed for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. The production period lasted from 1987 until 1996 when Wizards of the Coast started making their own line of D&D models. The internet says with the end of the license Ral Partha was forced to destroy all the master molds of the range.
So, in theory those models are gone forever, or at least this is what ebay tries to make us believe.

The Shambling Mound is part of the Ral Partha AD&D Monsters range, #11-493 to be more precise, it was sculpted by Dave Summers, and I hope some day he will read this post because I LOVE THIS MODEL!!!! I find it such an amazing sculpt!! so full of personality!
I had such a great fun painting it!! Thank you Mr. Summers!!!
Ral Partha Shambling mound paintedRal Partha Shambling mound paintedRal Partha Shambling mound painted
Also I´m amazed with the challenge of molding it, I have very little experience molding but enough to realize somebody did a great work molding this sculpt in a single piece with such a level of deep details modeled.

Here you have a couple of images of how the original blister and unpainted miniature look (shameless stolen from www.miniatures-workshop.com ) check out their Ral Partha catalog to see other old school beauties

AD&D Miniature Ral Partha 11-493 Shambling Mound
Shambling Mound Unpainted


  1. Wow, you painted the crap out of that! I share your hope that the sculptor sees it, I’m willing to bet no one’s ever brought it to life quite that well before! That mini’s been floating around my want list for a while now, (I love minis with a fairytale illustration vibe), and if I lay my hands on one I’ll definitely try to replicate (or flagrantly steal, if you will) what you’ve done here. Bravo!


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