“Saving Prof. Le Tuce” a Chaos in Cairo game

The well-known occultist Professor Le Tuce is lost in the desert, a band of friend archaeologist feels that something bad is going to happen, and goes deep into the desert to try find Le Tuce. That “something bad” is the evil Royal Mummy Al’Tun Tuhn, the mummy leader believe the Prof can be a helpful source of dark knowledge if keeps him under his control.

So the goal of both warband is to find Proff Le Tuce, control him and take him out of the board, or at least keep him under control when last turn ends.

The board is 6’x12′ and 8 tokens mark: clues to find Le Tuce, trap events or bluff clues.

Fast and promptly Samuel Lebowsy, the archaeologist Expedition Leader, leads his team to the nearest mark, far on the distance they perceive the first movement of some  dusty wrapped ancient figures.

On their turn the Mummy leader sends HipHopHep, his loyal Soldier Mummy to investigate the closer clue token. Sadly the token is a bottomless sand pit and HipHopHep is sunk to the waist, he will need some help to get out of there before an enemy approaches to coup de grace him.

Meanwhile on  the other edge of the board, the most faithful Soldier Mummy HipHopHup is sent to unveil another mark, just to find a big portion of ground falling down to an old underground chamber, despite his decaying aspect HipHopHup’s agility saves him to fall into the underground chamber
Encouraged by the Mummy search failures, Samuel Lebowsky advances until the first token and finds the Prof Le Tuce glasses “he was around here, for sure!”.
On the background, you can appreciated the Mummy Eternal Slaves effort to help the Soldier Mummy HipHopHep to get out of the bottomless sand pit “ffriiieeend wee helllpthouuu”

Safary Jack opens fire to keep under cover the advance to the next token of Mohama the Foreman. Safary Jack shoot hits and pinning the Eternal Slaves, who despite their failure they keep faithfully helping on HipHopHep’s freedom. The Mohama advance is rewarded with another great finding, the Professor’s water bottle  “he should be thirsty, for sure!”

On their move the Royal Mummy in person activates a marker, only to find a Scorpions Nest. The swarm attacks him before to go away in search of a new home. This shaming episode has not been graphically recorded in order to keep up the frightfully reputation of the Mummy’s labor union. Next turn the Royal Mummy moves first and activates the last token, suddenly the Prof Le Tuce appears next to the big statue, dazed and confused he randomly advances a few inches.

Mohama the Foreman, acting promptly, approach Le Tuce to convince him about the convenience to follow him. But it’s the Mummies clobbering time, HipHopHep finally free from the sand pit tries to save the day by charging over the Foreman.
The eternal slaves charge over Safary Jack, but they are intercepted by the always aware Expedition Leader Samuel Lebowsky. Finally Al’tunTuhn, The Royal Mummy, reinforces the HipHopHep attack charging also over the foreman.

Next Turn, Lebowsky keeps taking care of the Eternal Slaves, on the background you can see how Foreman Mohama bites the dust under the powerful grasp of the Royal Mumy and the rusted kopesh of the always loyal HipHopHep. As resulting from the fall of Mohama, Prof Le Tuce, free of control, walks randomly to the edge of the board.

Everything seems lost, Le Tuce runs to the edge of the board and will be lost forever in the burning sands of the desert. When suddenly Professor Osborne emerges from the other side of the statue and convinces Le Tuce to follow him to get some cold tea at the hotel

But Royal Mummy Al’tunTuhn reacts quickly to the audacity of Osborne, he charges and makes feel Osborne his Royal rage, the rage of 2.000years under the desert sun without suntan lotion. Next to them HipHopHup the Soldier Mummy keeps a melee duel against Lt Powel and Expedition Sponsor Jonah Kensington.

On the last turn the Mummy succeed to control Le Tuce, meanwhile their faithful soldiers have defeated Lt. Powell, and Jonah Kensington.
Samuel Lebowsky unaware of the butchery still keeps the place against the Eternal Slaves.
So, the game ends in a major victory for the mummies, despite they didn’t quit the board with le Tuce, they got the points to keep him under control at the end of the game plus the points for the kills.
This scenario is a Chaos in Cairo adaptation from the .45 Adventure scenario “Quest for La Calavera Negra de la Luna”,  the event cards are on this file


  1. Mi enhorabuena tanto por la escenografía como por lo divertido del relato. Los nombres de los personajes egipcios son la mar de divertidos, pena que los anglosajones se pierdan el chiste.

    Bonita escenografía y bonitas cartas. A lo mejor revivo Chaos in Cairo… veremos




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